Trying to set up a Revolut card in Australia


I am a UK citizen and am currently travelling around Australia on a working holiday visa. As I am going travelling around Asia in June, I have tried to set up a Revolut account using the app (something I should have done before I left!) in order for the card to be posted to my UK address and forwarded on to me in Aus.

However, on entering the App I have filled in the information using my Australian telephone number and address and it is informing me that Revolut is not currently set up in Australia. Is there a way I can go back and alter the information to my home address in the UK? Is there also a way I can use my Australian contact number as my UK number is no longer in use?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Hey @Ellamross :slight_smile:

I’d suggest talking to the :r: team on Twitter:

Hi there. I can help with this. Are you able to send me a direct message?

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Hey Andreas,

Trying to DM but can’t seem to find a way to do this on my account- am I missing something!?

Thanks in advance!


Could you please try now please :slight_smile:

Hi Andreas,

Reading this thread I have found myself in the same situation as Ella. I am an Irish citizen currently on a working holiday in Australia; I will however be leaving Australia in 8 weeks to travel and return to Ireland so wanted to get my Revolut account set up.

As I have set up the app here (using current Aus address and contact) I have been placed on the Australian wait list. Similarly I also cannot see the function to send a DM. How best can I get in touch to resolve this?


Did you figure this out Colm? Looking to do the exact same as you and use Revolut in Australia. Should I use my irish address or Australian details?

Hi Andreas. I am in a similar boat, can you please help?

Hey, what’s the exact issue?

Thanks for getting back to me Andreas. I want to set up Revolut now in Australia before I go traveling. And I’ll be linking/ transferring money from my British bank account.

So basically I Want to use it like a Brit. Although right now I’m based out of Australia.



Got it! Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you please drop me a direct message?

Hi Andreas,

I’m having the same problem and seems that I can’t drop you a DM. Can you help me with this?



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Please check your inbox.

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Hi AndreasK , you seem to know what you are doing. Any reliable info on when this card is available to australian resident?

Hi Andreas, same question: I moved to Australia but was unable to log into my account after my UK number is disconnected. Tried to use the inapp support but they deleted my login I think now I can access my account at all. Please help!


Are you able to send me a direct message?

Hi Andreas can you please write me a pm? I don’t know how to send you one

Hey, @anon33247966 I’m having the same problem. I tried sending a PM but it would let me send one to you or the moderators. If you could help that would be awesome. Thanks


I tried posting but it doesn’t appear to have worked.

Can you please PM when you get a chance?



I’ve been a revolut user for a number of years but I’m currently in Australia so have had to swap mobile phones and numbers. The app is now not working on my phone.

Is it possible to change the number associated with the account even if this is an Australian number? I have money in the account so will need to access the app.