Trying to send money to my IBAN account


I’m trying to send money from my revolut acoount to my personal bank account. Went to Payments - out - to bank account - add a new beneficiary - to myself - put the iban, bic / swift and the “add beneficiary” button cannot be clicked on. What am I doing wrong?


Hey @cartus :slight_smile:

This usually happens when any of the fields is left empty. Can this be the case? :wink:
You might try to do the transfer “to another person” but then input your own personal details again, and see if that works.


Same to another person. Must be a bug.


Also about this - why we need to enter that bic / swift here? Here in Latvia, when you do transfers between IBANs nobody enters them and it’s really annoying to google that damn code for each particular bank.


Is there any field empty?


No, all is filled …

Any ideas?


The issue seems to be the “/” at the BIC/SWIFT field :slight_smile:

You need to add either BIC or SWIFT not both.


Thank you. Worked with SWIFT only. Problem solved.