Trying to order card, screen keeps loading

Hi there, I’m trying to sign up to Revolut and order my first ever card. I’ve entered my card details and got to the screen where I can enter my billing address. I have done this and selected “Add Card”, but now I’m just stuck with the loading animation going round on the screen. This has been going on for about fifteen minutes now. What can I do?

Hey @CiciLambo :slight_smile:

Try to restart the process and see if it works :wink:

Hi, I have similar problem after the last update. I need to resedn my card as the previous one has not been delivered at all. I wait one month and still no delivery. When I try to order a new one for free and confirm address, then the next screen appears completely white, with a button: Order a new card for 25zł which is greyed and the only thing I can do is go back to the address confirmation. I travel on 11th of April and I really need the card. Could you please solve the problem? I tried to restart the phone, application etc. still the same problem.