Trying to Open a new US Account

Hi There!

I am eager to open up a Revolut account and I am currently in the queue. I have sent my link out to 5 people and they have all signed up with their email addresses. However, I have not been bumped up in the queue. Do they need to take further action after providing their email?

Thank you!


Hi Becky.

That’s strange. Could you please send me a direct message with your email address so that I can take a closer look into it?

Hi Andreas, sorry, how do I DM? Thank you for your response!

DM =direct message (tap his name and then tap “message” button)

I don’t see the option to message

What do you see when you tap his name?
I see this:

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I don’t have the option to share a screen grab but that blue bar with the message option is not there. I’ve tried on a computer and my phone

I’m having the same problem. I signed up for Revolut well over a month ago and my position in the que has not only gone up, but has gone down substantially.

Hi Andreas, I do not have the option to direct message you, do you have an email address that I can send my email address to?

You should be able now to send me a DM, I’ve unlocked this feature for you.

I have same issue too, not getting bumped after referrals signup.please help.