Trying to apply for Credit.

When will credit be available to be applied. I have purchased a few things with the card since I’ve received it. Now it shows that, “to apply for credit, you need to use the Revolut card a little bit more”. How much purchase will I need to do on this card to be eligible to apply?

Only UK residents can apply for a credit at this point

I am from the UK, just wanted to know if there is a thing that you have to do to be able to apply.

Unfortunately you’re not ineligible :frowning:

Confusing. That’s a double negative. Implying he IS eligible :slight_smile:

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I’ve only received the card a couple of days ago and have only used it a few times, maybe that’s what it means to say that I’ll have to be using the card a little bit more to work out whether I am eligible or not? maybe…

If you’re a new user you won’t be able to apply for credits :slight_smile:

Is it so that only UK residents can apply for credit? Myself I am a Norwegian citizen

It is unfortunately so