Trying to add new card on Andoid - Verify by Visa page keeps scrolling down


Have entered Visa card details. Then the Verify by Visa screen comes up and keeps scrolling down screen so cannot enter anything and cannot bypass


Hello @NeilR,

Can you please delete and reinstall the app and try again? Is 3Ds of your card active?


has this not been fixed? suffering from the same problem today.


No update? This is a bit of a show stopper. Never had this problem before


Team is working on it @pwuk we will keep you posted.


Hi, I’m also having this Verified by Visa issue. I actually spoke to the V by V team who rather than removing this security step said it was a connection issue. I find that so extraordinary unbelievable that rather than try to convince otherwise I just let the lady explain herself. Sounded plausible but I have been trying since yesterday, different times etc & had no problems with another card that her story does not wash really.
Hope you can correct this as I prefer to use a debit as opposed to a credit card.


Thanks, good to know. I had an app update overnight but that hasn’t fixed the issue.
I’ve been able to top up with a Mastercard credit card, not ideal but at least I can use my card now.


Having identical problem here. Quite surprised that issue with Revolut’s key functionality like this reported in October 2016 remains broken.

Is the Android version of Revolut still maintained ? Or has the company instead placed focus/support/maintenance on Apple platforms instead ?


I’ve got exactly the same issue and keep being told it’s my bank’s problem, not mine. Now I want to close the account that i can’t open and they won’t give me the information. There’ll be a complaint going to whatever financial regulator had licenced them over this.


Add to that tyre fact that I finally geta response from support today - after the support line is closed so I cannot even reply. Unreal.


I’m also getting this problem. Have tried loads driving me nuts.
If I scroll the window, I can get the form back on the screen for a moment, but it keeps trying to move off the bottom. I painfully managed to fill in the form, but because I haven’t setup this card with verified with Visa before I have to create a new password. When I do that, the submit button does nothing so I can’t complete the process.
I tried so many times I managed to trigger fraud protection with the bank (they blocked my card) so have to ring them to unblock it again. Still can’t get it to work after all that. :’(


YAY, I solved it!!!

The scrolling like mad was because it was a new card and never been activated with the “Verified by Visa” service. Trying to do that in the broken Revolut app is a nightmare. I found you can activate it here instead: (note, it says US only, but I’m in the UK and it worked fine).

It turned out I was trying to create a password that didn’t contain a number and I suspect the Revolut app wasn’t catching the alert dialog.

Once activated, I could add the card in the Revolut app easily because it just asks for bits of your password after that.

Anyway, good luck.


This was driving me mad earlier today and I needed to complete it in a hurry. Who ever is responsible for this needs to get it sorted.
Called Visa and they talked me through resetting my password online.