Trying to add bank account - unknown error occurs

I can’t add bank account to Revolut - cause is “unknown error”. May someone help me? Thank you

It works now.
Too few characters.

I am trying to add a UK one too, and i keep getting an “IBAN Missing” error that doesn’t let me go any further. How do i get my money??? this is REALLY annoying.


I am trying to add my first bank account to transfer money in/out revolut. I receive an “Unkown Error”
The information I’ve entered are correct, i’ve double checked them with the bank.

This renders Revolut completely useless to me if i cannot transfer money.

Help required, urgently.

It’s not 100% clear to me what you’re trying to do, but it sounds like you want to “link” an account via open banking. Since that seems to fail, you’ve got other options to fund the Revolut account until technical problems are resolved. A transfer via Faster Payments in the UK, or a regular SEPA transfer. SEPA instant transfers are supported, so this could be instant even without linking an account. And you can also use Apple Pay / Google Pay or a debit/credit card to instantly fund your account.

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Too little information on which to provide any guidance.
All I can say is that I have no problems entering UK bank accounts or French bank details for money in/out.

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I do not want to use other methods to transfer money in/out of Revulut.

If SEPA payments are supported i’d like to withdraw to an EU IBAN Account.

This clearly doesn’t work as intended or advertised by
How to get support from a Revolut representative, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to contact them beside this community driven effort


I suggest to head over to the support chat in the app to talk to customer support. If you don’t know where to find “Help Centre”, search for “support” on the app’s home page.

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I’ve tried to post more screenshot but this forum is limited to “1 image per post” and Revolut is filtering my additional post with the full sequence to reproduce.
Go to Accounts → Add a bank recipient → fill in data → unknown error

Thanks for highlighting the support in the App.

Unfortunately they do not reply with a human due to high traffic, their operator are all busy.

I do not have a paid subscription to access the “premium” support.

The error you’re facing is not a general bug. Just out of curiosity, I’ve added a new recipient and successfully transferred money to that new account just now. I don’t think there’s another option to resolve this besides official support.

@test2123 and it still isn’t…

I dont know if this is currently a common issue. I am receiving a similar error when I try to withdraw funds to my swedish bank (IBAN) :

Which basically translates to: “Sorry, something went wrong, try again later”

I am a ‘premium’ customer and I am also not getting any chat-support. I’ve tried to enter ‘live agent’ in the chat aswell.

Conclusion: maybe we just have to wait a day or two…?

I have this exact same issue, trying to send to a Swedish account also.

It is almost as the “edit account” page just won’t allow account numbers that are shorter than 14 digits, mine is only 10 and seems to be the reason to why I am getting this error.

Hi there I’m having this same issue.

I’m trying to add a recipient bank account in order to send money too. I have the account number and IBAN, as well as recipients name and address. In my case the recipient is an HSBC account in Hong Kong.

Upon entering the address for the recipient I get the message:

“something went wrong, please try again later”.

I am a premium account holder and cannot find anywhere to get further help or support (the in app chat is just always busy).

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It’s been 4 releases that the iOS app crashes as soon as I try to scan a QR code (recipient). Anyone?