Truly Bizarre.

I have been using Revolut for some time now and I am pleased to report that I have been very satisfied with it so far.
It is good to be able to withdraw cash without the fees and the dreaded “non sterling transaction charge” which the banks apply.

I recommended the card to my friend who was very impressed and applied for his Revolut card which he duly received and loaded money onto for a planned trip to Europe.
Then he received a message from Revolut stating that he had hours to withdraw his money back to his bank as his account was being withdrawn with immediate effect.

The reason given was that Revolut’s card issuers were no longer providing this service to where he currently resides.

We both live on the Island of Jersey which is part of the British Isles and has a total area of 45 square miles with me living about two miles from him.

I would like answers to the following please as I find this a most bizarre situation.

  1. Why was he issued with a card in the first instance?
  2. Why was his account abruptly closed with very little warning and not mine?
  3. Will the same thing suddenly happen to me at any time?

I am presently In Thailand for two months and whilst Revolut has worked perfectly for me thus far I have made sure that I have other means of withdrawing cash as I am always wondering if my account will suddenly be withdrawn.

Revolut is only able to issue cards to people who live in the EEA and Jersey isn’t part of that. I would assume that Jersey, Guernsey and IOM addresses sometimes slip pass the checks as they are so similar to UK ones. Sadly, I guess you should assume that eventually they will catch up with you. Puts a dent in their reputation.

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Jersey postcodes begin JE and Guernsey’s GY so it’s not rocket science, nothing should slip pass.

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Hello @Graham,

Unfortunately, upon a request from our issuing bank, we’re no longer able to provide our services to non EEA, and Channel Islands. All the affected users have been notified in advance.

However, as we can see the address of your profile was slightly incorrect, and you haven’t been informed about this change. We truly apologise but you’ll have to take any remaining funds out of your account.

Please note, we’re expecting this to be only a temporary measure, whilst we migrate to a new issuing bank.

Once again, apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Andreas K.

As I am presently abroad I would like to know if this card is going to continue to work.

I will get in touch with your via a direct message.

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We’re excited to announce that our services are again available to residents of Chanel Islands & Jersey :rofl:

Please reach out our support team via in-app so we can reissue you a new card :tada:

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