Trouble verifying account.

So I’ve opened a Revolut Premium card, mainly due to my UK bank debit card (with TSB) expiring whilst I’m travelling.

The app tells me I’m not verified, and says my limit is £200 a year (limit of what exactly?). It asks me to verify my identity by topping up via a bank card or bank account in my name. As my only bank card is now expired, that’s out of the question. However, when I select to send a bank transfer, the local GBP account isn’t available as I need to activate my account, which when I click on item directs me back to the verification process. It’s like a neverending circle.

So then I thought I’ll choose the GBP IBAN option, which I have done with TSB online banking, however the money hasn’t left my account, which makes me think it hasn’t gone through.

I’m practically stuck here, so any help or advice would be appreciated.

Hello there.

As I can see you have managed to verify your account so your annual top up limit has been increased, and you have activated your UK current account :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need help