Trouble Creating account


Hi, i downloaded the app on my samsung s7 and when i enter my phone number and then a 4 digit code it says there has been incredible demand for revolt recently? and it asks me to enter my email address, when i do that and sumit, it tells me something has gone wrong? Could you please help me with this issue? Many thanks


Loads of friends on mine I referred to Revolut are experiencing the same. They are currently victim of their own success. :slight_smile:
I hope this “waiting list” issue will be solved as soon as possible as it undermines the trust of current and prospective users…


According to the press there are 1,500 new customers trying to join every day.


As said, they better fix it soon. This app can be the new European Venmo/PayPal with additional features. There’s a big potential!



Due to incredibly high demand for our cards, there’s still a waiting list. We’re expecting to have cards, hopefully next week. You can register your email so we can notify you once we have available cards.


Andreas K.


Thanks Andreas,

So could it be possible to create an account without a Card.
I don’t need the card at this time but really asap an revolut account to pay another revolut use.

It’s so Urgent !



Thank you for you response and information.

Many Thanks