Triple pack physical cards

I would like to have all 3 physical cards (Mastercard, Visa and Maestro). At the moment we can only have two physical cards. Will this be changed soon?


Hey Morphy. I am curious. Any reason why you want a separate MasterCard and VISA card?

so I have the right card for every case. Even if one card does not work, I can use the other. I already had this experience and was glad to have another card. :wink:

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I’d second this. The limit should be at least the number of different types of cards.


I agree with you. Other banks also have no limits and you can also have all the cards

The arbitrary limit is weird, indeed, some like me already have 3 cards (due to the VISA beta) and I simply cannot deactive two cards so I can add a Maestro (which I want). Not acceptable.

==> +1 for Revolut to think about this weird Limit, FAST!

Second this. Triple pack really makes sense