Trip-saving Vault and connection to FareChecker


Now that we have the ability to save in Vaults and IFTTT-initiated actions can be successfully implemented, it would be great to have the following:

If type of Vault is Trip, then set set next attributes to
a) budget and timeframe
b) origin and destination based on airport codes
c) check price for specified route using timeframe against a site like Expedia, google flights or similar
d) alert user if it is within or close to budget (e.g.10% margin)
This would allow users an opportunity to grab cheapest fares and match these to budgets saved in Vaults.
The same principle could be applied to other types of purchase e.g. car by checking prices against car supermarket sites. Same for house utilities by checking billing data against supplier offerings.


I believe these things should be kept separately. Revolut’s application should focus on providing a good service in its world of finance. Everything else would be just bloat. Sorry :slight_smile:


Vaults is a fantastic idea. Fine as it is, IMHO. Nice, simple, does what it says on the tin.

Don’t complicate for the sake of complicating. :wink: