tried a Local ATM for Cash Withdraw



I’m a new user, recently opened Revoult Account and trying to start to use it.

At 17 December 2017, I’ve tried to cash withdraw £10.00 from a Local ATM machine in North West London. (which is operated by NoteMachine)

Then I saw that there will be a fee (amount not showed) in the screen, so I’ve chosen to cancel button.

So the transaction cancelled and I got no cash, no receipt.
And I was away between 18 ~ 22 Dec for year end break.

But, I just found the -10.00 history on my Revolut Account on that date 10:13, 17 Dec.
Withdrawn £10
Fee £0

I tried the Revolut Online Support from my Mobile App.
Not very Helpful So far.

Any Advice??


Hi there.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience cause.

We can try to raise a chargeback on your behalf so that we can recoup the difference. Please reach me out via a direct message so that I can help.


Andreas K


Hi AndreasK,

I tried the in-apps Support Chat
and adviser sent me the link for
submitting charge back form.

then I will might get a call from the charge back team.


Where can I send you the direct message ?
you mean that In-App Support Chat? or By calling?


I mean a direct message here.


I’ve submitted the dispute form and received a confirmation email for this.

But I missed a call from the charge back team.


You can get in touch with our chargeback team via in-app chat!