Tricky one


Hello I had revolut and whilst travelling I used the card to pay for a very expensive hotel. For personal reasons I can’t go anymore and after a lot of persuading I managed to get them to refund me. Here is the tricky part. Since I booked it I lost my wallet with the revolut card. After going on live support the woman closed my account completely. I now have a new revolut card but they are linked in no way , the hotel have issued a refund to my old revolut card and since it’s been closed I won’t get the money. Does anyone have any idea as to what to do ?



Even when you’re old card is closed it can still receive refunds for 6 weeks or more, so you should be fine.


It happened to me before, you can contact the customer service. They should be able to temporarly reactivate your old card until you get the refund.


Although how would I login to the account to move the money if I don’t have access to it anymore?


You could always withdraw the money from an ATM.


I said , the card was stolen and I don’t have access to the account anymore…


Do you have access to your revolut account?
If yes- just link your new card to this account (cards> link existing card)…