travelling usa

just come back from usa and the revolut card work a treat, so easy to use and i showed to the revolut card to the usa familys and there have down loaded the app and ready


Hey Dave

I just got back too. Had the exact same experience. Even though I was a little vary after reading some of the other blog posts.

Here is some of the things i saw.

Subway. Using 00000 as the postal code worked fine. I also only got a single transaction when using this.

Restaurants. I used my card everywhere they accepted cards. Including adding a tip on the bill. Here I also saw a single transaction. No authorisations first.

Apple: Went to the Apple store. They accepted my card fine.

Amazon: Ordered 5 or 6 times on Amazon for delivery. Also worked fine. A single transaction no authorisations first.

Whole Foods: I tried my card in Whole Foods. The first to two times it got denied as unsupported. But i found it was because i was just “tapping” the card. If you use Chip and Pin it works great!

Uniqlo: Ordering online using my MasterCard did not work. Using a Virtual Visa worked fine. In store my MasterCard worked great.

Some tips for others:

Enable swiping. Many small places uses something like Square PoS or iZettle. Those PoS uses swiping to pay.

Use chip and pin instead of tapping on the terminal. See my note about Whole Foods.