Travelling to turkey

Hi does anyone know if I have to activate my card before I travel to Turkey? And do I have to have an actual physical card to do it? Like I couldn’t arrive in turkey and use my account on my phone contactless for first transaction?

Hi, just to be on safe side I used at home first. Been out in Turkey 3 months now with no issues, used Halkbank atm’s for free cash withdrawals. Card accepted every where Visa card etc accepted.

Have used physical card not tried on phone…

Hello all.

I’ve been using Revolut from UK for a while. Today I travelled to Dalaman, Turkey and tried to withdraw cash from the ATM at the airport. I’ve encountered with 6 ATMs and all of them requested a fee around 5% for the value you want to withdraw. Except Halkbank Atm, however, it gave an error while trying to do so :slight_smile: . So, Halkbank ATM at Dalaman airport cannot be used to withdraw cash by Revolut.

I believe Revolut must solve these issues by privately agreeing with some of the local banks trough out the world, where cash withdrawals are not working as expected.