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Hi does anyone know if I have to activate my card before I travel to Turkey? And do I have to have an actual physical card to do it? Like I couldn’t arrive in turkey and use my account on my phone contactless for first transaction?

Hi, just to be on safe side I used at home first. Been out in Turkey 3 months now with no issues, used Halkbank atm’s for free cash withdrawals. Card accepted every where Visa card etc accepted.

Have used physical card not tried on phone…

Hello all.

I’ve been using Revolut from UK for a while. Today I travelled to Dalaman, Turkey and tried to withdraw cash from the ATM at the airport. I’ve encountered with 6 ATMs and all of them requested a fee around 5% for the value you want to withdraw. Except Halkbank Atm, however, it gave an error while trying to do so :slight_smile: . So, Halkbank ATM at Dalaman airport cannot be used to withdraw cash by Revolut.

I believe Revolut must solve these issues by privately agreeing with some of the local banks trough out the world, where cash withdrawals are not working as expected.

If I have for instance £500 in my revoult card, can I exchange £250 for instance or does it have to be the full balance on my card.

The best ATMs to be used are the ATMS belonging to ICIC Bank and PTT (Turkish Post). These two banks do not charge a single cent :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:

Other banks charge between 2% to 10%, QNB and Ziraat are preferable if those two could not be found, they charged around 2% to 2.5% for Cash Withdrawal with Revolut.

ICBC Banks in IST

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Hey guys,

I’ll be travelling to Turkey tomorrow and I created a TRY account and had money transferred there. Is it safe to assume that I’ll be able to withdraw money from ATM’s in Turkey and receive Turkish Lira?

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Just add still used Halkbank and no charges, also used HSBC ATM and no charges.

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Yes you will be able to withdraw Lira but subject to daily withdraw limit, when I was just there last month limit was about 4000 lira.

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Hi all,

I’m due to travel to Turkey next Friday, and I’m wondering whether to exchange £ to Turkish lira in my account before i go? Ive read that Revolut automatically changes your currency when paying with your card with no charges involved. Is it best to leave my account in £ then just pay with my card, or is it better to change Turkish lira prior to using my card? I understand people exchange to keep a high rate, but the lira is expected to weaken against the £ over the next year so exchanging is pretty much pointless.

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Keep the weekend-markup in mind.

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Did you exchange money to Turkish Lira i the Revolut app before withdrawing money from the ATM?

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If you are interested in converting Euro to Turkish Lira, please click on this link for further information and details. :pray:

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