Travelling to turkey

I have a Revolut TRY account (@llyods) and I have a revolut debit card.
What do I need to do to withdraw TRY from ATMs in Turkey?

Hey hml567

To use Revolut in a foreign country you do not need to enable that specific currency. In the faq it is explained in detail how Revolut determines which of your accounts it will use:

If you are in Turkey over the weekend is better to activate de turkey currecy account and exchange some money in advance for the weekend as Revolut has a overhead fee on exchange over the weekends, so you will not get the best rates.

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Is there a free-fee ATM bank in Turkey? Any experience?

Ziraat bank (didn’t even offer the DCC scam) and Akbank (April 2019)

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I too am travelling to Turkey later in the year.

Is it always best to load the account in your own currency ie GBP and then transfer it to the Turkish lira account?

For me PTT bank was only completely free atm


Well, on the weekend there is the markup for the exchange rate. So if you Exchange to Turkish Lira in advance that wan’t be your problem.

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Hi Guys, did anyone make a GBP or TRY transfer to Turkey? I wanted to know how quick it was as its usually same day transfer with high st banks.

As of 1 March 2021:
Ziraat Bank still does not charge at ATMs but offers DCC, Akbank asks 2,8%.

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PTT ATMs are still completely without a fee when withdrawing Turkish Lira. They even do not try to offer DCC.

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Did anyone had experience recently with withdrawal of USD in Turkey/IST? Are there free of charge ATMs?

Oct2021. In a PTT in Osmanbey, İstanbul, my cart was ejected, couldn’t perform any action.

Oct2021. I tried in 4 Ziraat ATM and none gave me the option to withdraw cash.

Hi! As of Oct2021 several AkBank ATM was rejecting my card. Others were giving an error while rejecting the bank’s exchange rate and ejecting. I found one that after rejecting their rate forced me to pay 4.9% comission
I tried in 4 Ziraat ATM and none gave me the option to withdraw cash.
One PTT ATM didn’t allow me to perform any task.

Does someone have a current good experience?

See this thread is last updated in Oct 2021 and wondering what peoples current experiences are of using Revolut cards in ATM’s. Due to travel to Turkey in April 2022 and have turkish lira in my Revolut acct.

I am in Turkey and using Revolut as we speak.

Halkbank does not take any fees.

Just make sure if you do not have TRY left and you need TRY in the weekend, to switch money before friday evening to prevent the 1% cost.

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How do you make your TRY account to be “default” in order to use it?
Thank you in advance !

I never set it as default.

If you have sufficient turkish lira, it automatically takes it off the try account.

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Are you from uk? Do you use your phone or a physical card and did you have to use the card in uk first?