Travelling to New York! Many doubts

Hey Revolut Community! First Topic here!

I’m travelling to New York in a couple of weeks (first time there) and I would like to know a few things:

    • Is there any fee applied when using ATMs?
    • Are there specific banks ATM that you recommend, where I won’t have any problem?
    • Can I pay with my card everywhere?
    • Who do I contact if I have any problem abroad?

Thank you all so much!


typically, banks in NY charge a fee at ATMs. Around 3 USD per transaction. This is a fee applied by the ATM operator, not Revolut. Beware of DCC, always withdraw in the local currency to profit from Revolut’s rates.

Check FAQs for further details about this.

Your card should work just fine. Be sure to activate magstripe + signature in the app. If your card gets blocked for security reasons, don’t freak out, you can unblock it in the app yourself.

The ticket machines for MTA might ask for your ZIP code. There are different theories about what one should enter to make it work. 0000? 9999? My latest information is not to enter any number at all and then it works.

Verify your identity and the cards you might want to use for top ups before your trip to avoid any trouble.

Have a nice trip!


That is amazing! Thank you so much for your fast reply.

Take another card, I also use Monzo whose ATM withdrawal limits are better than Revolut.
When you first use your card in NYC it may be declined. If so, you should be able to unblock it in the app and then it should work fine. This is to do with Revolut’s flaky security.

Not all ATMs charge a fee. When you put the card in, the machine will tell you if there is a fee and what it is.
When using the card at ATMs or POS terminals you will often be offered the choice Debit or Credit, select Credit.

Awesome, thanks!

Yes, I considered Monzon, but to be honest, the exchange rate and the fact that Revolut is a bank, makes it more safe (maybe it’s just my imagination).

Although, I must say, I love the style/design of Monzo, and the colour of their card is wonderful! But, not enough reason to change for now.

Personally Monzo is not ideal for international travel. There rates are not as good as Revoluts. Also they charge for each POS and ATM transaction abroad. So they all add up. Revolut is the true travel, international, global financial service. And does have much over on Monzo. However, Monzo maybe the preferred option if you spend most of the time in your own country. But even then… Is mainly a preferred domestic/national use financial service.

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Monzo is great for international travel. Their rates are so similar, often I get better rates from Monzo, certainly at the weekend when Revolut fix the rate down.
They do not charge for each POS and ATM transactions, in the USA anyway.
Monzo’s ATM monthly withdrawal limit, before fees, is five times greater than Revolut.
In terms of performance the Monzo card id more reliable, Revolut’s security regularly blocks my card.

Do not rely on just the Revolut card on your trip.

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Sure, I can understand the simplicity of Monzo and why it is a good product also… But Revolut is ultimate. It is possible to lock in the currency with Revolut. Not possible with Monzo. Again with Revolut. No card fees for POS. And for me I have a £400 no fee cash withdrawal. However. Monzo is not as secure. And no card insurance either.

Certainly. Monzo makes a good cash card also. Although you cannot take out 1000 pounds in one day. And there POS limits are pretty limited. Also. There ATM limits per year are quite low. Only £3000 per year. Not good if you have to pay rent in cash. Also Monzo’s daily ATM cash limit is not for the heavy user… However, once superceded the ATM limits. e.g. £3000 per year for verified user… The fees are very expensive. Monzo is a good banking service. And second to par with Revolut. I like it. However. For the global lifestyle one has. Revolut is the best. Monzo is good if you go on a holiday for a few weeks… But it is designed more domestically. And is not very flexible or as articulate as Revolut. Revolut trully is no.1… In 90% of areas…


Revolut is by far better than Monzo… Although Monzo is great also. However, Monzo is great for those who only go on holiday once or twice a year… But that depends if you have not taken out £3000 per annum (ATM limit). Revolut is by far better in ALL areas. But Monzo. Would be a second choice. However. It’s POS single transaction daily limits for both both verified and unverified users are for the moderate or poorer financial user.


Well, I would say they are different products by design. Monzo wants do become a replacement for a current account and is only available for UK residents. Revolut focuses more on being a great platform for holding and spending in different currencies, available now everywhere in the EEA and maybe worldwide sometimes. Both have their limitations.

@nuriaquero, I have less problems with the security feature than @beeare in NY. I really don’t know why. My guess is that the location based security system is to blame here.

Also, check the notifications! If a payment is declined, the push notification on your phone usually tells you the reason, like “Transaction declined. ATM withdrawals disabled.” or something. One can then enable withdrawals in the app by oneself.

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An incredible amount of stuff planned in their product pipeline.

Revolut’s first (and one of its strongest) product is the currency account function, but some of the features planned will be equally as good as, if not even better than the currency account function.

Revolut does not work, in MTA metro machines at all. the maximum change it gives you is 9.90usd so make sure you have some cash withdrawn. Also epos machines that have chip and pin support but only use mag strips will not work either (thats completely hit and miss though) I have no issue with chip and pin, contactless or withdrawal from chase or bank of america

Hi @danflood94, I don’t think you’re right about MTA. See here:

NY subway ticket machines?

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Hi @Frank, Well bugger I didn’t know that it would’ve saved me so much hassle last month

Oh, I am sorry to hear that. Next time! Or you could try the ticketless London Transport with Revolt :wink:

Yeah at least the underground is somewhat modern :joy::joy::joy:

It is possible to use the Revolut card on the New York Subway by typing in 10001 as a default zip code. Just how Google USA does on my account.

That was weird. Just been whats apping to someone on the the New York Subway. And then suddenly came to the Revolut community app thing…