Travelling to Morocco next week


Hi there :slight_smile:
I’m new to Revolut. I haven’t used my Revolut card yet, but i’m traveling to Morocco next week and I thought that would be the best time to try it out :slight_smile:
I converted part of the money I have in DKK to MAD and now I have two Accounts (wallets I believe is the right term).
As usual, I will go ahead and always select payments in MAD (local currency).
Would that be enough so my withdraws (from ATMs) and payments will use the Account in MAD currency? I haven’t seen any options around my free Revolut account that would indicate what would happen in such cases.


Morocco bound

As long as a wallet has sufficient funds, payments / cash will be withdrawn from that wallet.


and then from your DKK account (using instant exchange). If so- remember about markup during weekends.


Thanks for replies guys :slight_smile: good to know !!!



Beware that if you’re using Revolut Mastercard instead of Revolut Visa, transactions will be initially authorized in USD and only at the settlement date will be processed at the original MAD amount. This means that they will not be taken from your MAD wallet.

If you have Mastercard, I strongly recommend that you temporary disable all other wallets (and empty your main account wallet), and only keep money in your MAD wallet. This way , although transactions will initially show as USD, they will be settled at the right MAD amount a few days later. This doesn’t apply to ATM transactions as they will be authorized and processed in MAD.

If you have Revolut’s Visa card then all transaction will be directly authorized and taken from your MAD account.

Read through this Morocco end up using my EUR account and not my MAD for more details.


Thanks for the heads up on this! I must be lucky I have Revolut VISA.
I will only make sure I have enough money on my MAD wallet.


One more thing (and important :)) , Some ATMs will charge you the equivalent of 2 Euros for each withdrawal without telling you. The only 2 banks that I found not charging this fee is BMCI (Has BNP Paribas’ logo) and Banque Populaire.