Travelling to Japan


Hello, I’m going to travel to Japan. I found the ATM fees, but I can’t find the fees for paying in a store, restaurant, hotel…
Can anyone tell me the fees? thank you.


Hi! There are no payment fees :smile: You’ll also get the best JPY exchange rate :confetti_ball:


@c0stin Couldn’t have said it better! :r:


Hey guys! Do keep in mind there is a monthly FX transaction limit of 5000GBP, and then there is a 0.5% fee. But if you spend under that amount, then you’re all set!


If you’re arriving just before midnight at HND Airport and planning to take the train, I’d suggest to take a small amount of JPY with you since the ticket can only be bought with cash the ATM at HND closes at midnight! It sounds crazy but that’s how it is. :slight_smile:
Other than that, I can recommend the ATMs at the 7-ELEVEN stores to get cash. You can find them everywhere in Tokyo and most of them are open 24h afaik. And pay with the Revolut Card wherever possible. Also, make sure your fellow travelers have a Revolut card too, that way you can multiple your free-withdrawl limit as a group. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


7eleven atm ?
They give you an awful rate.

Go for Jp post and citibank.

Lived 2 years in Japan always used the post office.


Doesn’t cost you anything since they don’t give you any rate at all. Also no withdraw fee. That’s why you have a Revolut card, you have the Revolut rate… :wink:


Thank you for the info!


Thanks for this trick.

What i do to get cash in the weekend : i exchange EUR to YEN in the weekdays. Then, if i need to get cash, i go to 7-Eleven and i pay no additional fee (if my withdrawal total amount is lower than 200€).
It’s the same for payments with revolut during the weekend.

In addition, if you pay with revolut at Bic Camera in Tokyo, they give you 5% discount :slight_smile: because it’s a mastercard.


I always take some cash as soon as I arrive in the airport for 2 reasons:

  1. There are many places (such as restaurants) that don’t accept international payment cards.
  2. MasterCard is not as widely accepted as other cards, such as Visa.

Otherwise, JP Post, Citibank and 7Eleven are the usual ATMs I go to get the cash.


Hello! Do you maybe remember how much 7-Eleven/post office ATMs charged for using Revolut?


No fees for 7-eleven atm.
I don’t know for the post office atm.


7eleven don’t charge. Lawson do, though.


216 yens fees for Japan post ATM


I came back last week from Japan, the best option are the 7-11 ATMs. They have no fee


You guys know a lot. :grinning:
I live in Japan for 30 years and did not even know 7-11 beats lawson with this kind of fee.

+1 on this forum.


For the people who has success using the card in Tokyo, did you have a MasterCard or Visa?


I am coming back from 10 days in Japan in 2 hours. The experience with Revolut was not very exciting to be honest. I was charged more than 100Yen at a 7Eleven to withdraw (from savings account) and 90% of the time I had to use my standard bank card since Revolut one was not recognised. Also when I wanted to pay directly by card, somtimes also that was not possible. In 10 days in Japan I have been able to use it like 3 times or something like that. I was forced to use my standard bank card almost always.

Revolut support has not been replying in the last half a day.


Thanks for sharing. We will be traveling to Tokyo on Monday. It’s good you told us. Out of interest, when you used your standard bank cards, were they accepted? Is a problem of Visa/MasterCard or Revolut in general?


Hello. My standard bank card was accepted at any ATM which allows for non Japanese cards. Be sure to pass by your bank or have them activate the use of the card for overseas use (in my case it was out of the European Union).
Differently the Revolut card never worked with one or two exceptions. In one case I had also issues in paying directly with it.
Keep this in mind since several shops and restaurants will only accept cash, even when you wouldn’t expect it to be the case, e.g. on top of the Asahi tower in Tokyo. So I suggest you to bring some cash and change it at the airport where the rate is ok and to have your traditional credit card with you anyway.