Travelling to India

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I am going to be travelling across India throughout August. I have just got my Revolut card in the post and hoped someone could give me advice on what to do next. I read somewhere on the forums that INR was available, however that does not appear to be the case.

Please help!

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You cannot hold INR on your Rev account but you can load it with GBP, spend in India on it and the app will automatically convert and deduct from your GBP account balance to pay for it. You will however suffer a reduced rate at weekends.

If you are going to use Rev for spending you really need to read and understand how it operates.

Don’t rely on just one source of funds for your travels - take other cards and some cash also is my advice.

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I concur. I spent a month in India. One. Village the ATM was broken for a week. We had GBP in cash and the money changer rates were pretty good. Cheaper than a taxi to the nearest town and back. Some places didn’t accept foreign cards so INR in cash is essential. Withdraw during the week.

I changed euro’s into indian rupees a few times. In a few months I travel to India again si I tried to Exchange Some money but it doesn’t work anymore. I still have indian rupees on my revolute account. Strange

So Revolut used to have an INR wallet if i can remember, right?


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