Travelling to Egypt

Travelling to Egypt soon. Has anyone used Revolut over there?

Officially, Revolut supports both spending and withdrawing money in Egypt, but I could not find any previous thread on egypt here on the community page.

Thanks for that. I guess I’ll just have to give it a try…

I thought I’d report back from my journey:

It should be noted that Egypt is very much a cash society - I knew that in advance. (Which is weird, because they also have a severe cash shortage - especially of smaller denominations, which leads to most shops not being able to give you correct change, but that’s a different story.) Card payments are only accepted in the larger shops, and even then they look at you like you are an alien when you get out your card, and need to get a supervisor to ask for instructions how to use their card machine.

I did manage to use the card twice for card payments. I could not get the card to work at any ATM. (Not that I really intended to use it for cash withdrawals, due to the low limits, but I wanted to try anyway.) I also have a Monzo card, and was able to use this much more, including at most ATMs.

So, in general I would say Revolut is very poorly supported in Egypt.

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Thanks for your feedback. I hope Revolut will take actions regarding Egipt as this is one of most popular holiday destinations for poorer part of Europe (central and east).

Well, quite frankly I am not too sure how much Revolut can do here:

The main issue is that Egypt is so cash based. Therefore, card usage is uncommon, and even in shops that allow card payments staff is largely untrained in how to use their machines. (In at least two cases I am convinced that the payment was refused because even the store manager couldn’t figure out how to use the machine. This was somewhat amusing to watch, to be honest…)

While it was disappointing that Revolut was less well supported than Monzo, the real issue is that you simply need cash in Egypt, and Revolut isn’t a good option for cash withdrawals, due to the low usage limit, and “penalty” for weekend transactions.

So, the main problem is really that I couldn’t withdraw cash from ATMs with Revolut, as card payments aren’t something that you can expect to do with any regularity. And for cash withdrawals there are better (i.e. cheaper) options than Revolut anyway, thus this is largely academic.

Yeah, not much can be done except to keep up with monzo quality in regarding matter you mention.

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I’ve just arrived in Egypt now and found for ATMs the best chance of success is to use Bank of Egypt and Credit Agricole ATMs. As Egypt is so cash based and no one takes cards - you are better to take cash with you and change it here for the best rates

I spent a lot of time in Egypt and found there were only two banks that allowed me to withdraw cash:

*QNB Bank

All other ATMs would just spit out the card and not read it at all or cancel the transaction at some point, even the aforementioned Bank of Egypt and Credit Agricole.
Withdrawals at QNB and Alex were free within Revolut limits. However, they are not the most common banks around so it was quite bothersome sometimes.
Also in many places the card payment terminals wouldn’t accept the card and deny transactions. Definitely not the best Revolut country.

Visit Egypt every year and originally born there. Used the my Revolut in Egypt for the first time in December 2018.
As mentioned above Egypt is very cash based but you should be fine in most shopping malls. I used my card to withdraw cash at various ATMs (including random stand-alone ones that charge). I got buy with around EGP3000 cash (~£150) for a week, the rest all on card payments.
If you are concerned, I would withdraw your cash limit (or the max you want to spend) at the first ATM that works and go from there.

Just back from Makadi Bay in Hurghada. My revolut card did not work in the Back of Egypt ATM’s there.

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I was in Hurghada and Cairo April. Firstly, I was surprised that I was able to use Uber and it was way cheaper than getting a cab on the street. Secondly, I was able to pay in all shops and take the money from ATM. I used Revolut for all transactions.

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