Travelling to Central Asia


I’ll be traveling to Central Asia and I have two fears about using Revolut there:

  1. Account Blocked: I’ve read of incidents of people’s accounts being blocked when they’re in weird and wonderful places. How can I prevent this happening and how can I contact Revolut for an efficient resolution if it does happen?

  2. Replacing my card: As a Premium user who travels a lot, I was excited to learn that world wide delivery of replacement cards was now available. However, it turns out that worldwide means most places and not all places as CS told me that a card can’t be delivered to Central Asia.

I understand it’s not a popular place to visit but is this a crease that may eventually be ironed out?

It seems many people changed their phone numbers to non-EU ones, and couldn’t log in anymore afterwards, others ran into problems reinstalling the app on a different device, exceeded their annual limit, or entered the PIN incorrectly too many times (more than 3 apparently). There are probably different reasons as well but I don’t know them.

Customer support used to work reasonably well until recently but now it seems it’s completely unavailable. Hopefully things will improve eventually but as of now, you shouldn’t expect to even get an answer from them in a timely manner, in case of any problems, you’re on your own (unless it’s better for Premium members).

Are you going to be there for a long time? I think it’s very unlikely you’ll lose your card. You can apply for another Revolut card in advance and have it sent to you where you are now but since you’ll probably have some other card(s) with you as a backup anyway, I think it might be a little excessive. It’s more important to always have some cash too when you travel.

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