Travelling to Bulgaria

Hello there,
I will be spending some time in Bulgaria and couldn’t find the exchange rate if I’d like to withdraw money from my Revolut account while there. My primary bank account is in GBP. Can you help me with some info about the exchange rate GBP-BGN for a withdraw?

Bulgarian Lev and The Euro are connected at flat rate at 1.95 bgn per euro, so you can calculate your rate pretty easy.

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This was the response from Revolut regarding the 0.5% comission that applies during the weekend. This is an inconvenient (the fact that leva is not added as a currency in Revolut)

“In summary, as BGN/EUR is not a fixed rate, there is fluctuation risk, Revolut must apply the 0.5%weekend mark up as fluctuation protection.”

So, any payment you make during the weekend, have in mind the 0.5% extracharge

The “extra” can be more than 0.5% as last weekend the rate 1 euro to 1 lv was 1 to 1.92 (normally it’s around 1.95587)