Travelling to Argentina

Hi I’m going to Argentina for a holiday and would like some advice on the following please:

  1. Should pay with Revolut? If so should I put dollars or sterling on the card?
  2. Will I get charged by banks for making ATM withdrawals? If so broadly how much ? I understand that Revolut doesn’t charge for taking out up to $200?
  3. Any of other advice regarding how not to get ripped off !



Hey @Zonda99 :slight_smile:

Whichever you choose will be fine.
Keep in mind that if there’s a conversion involved during weekends, a 0.5% fee will be charged during weekends only (but still it might be more beneficial).

Depends on the ATM owner. You should be informed beforehand.

Or equivalent. Right.

Always choose to be charged in the local currency and refuse any conversion offer :wink:


Any advice on whether it’s cheaper for me to put dollars or sterling on my card ?

There is no real answer to this, i would just hold my base currency.

Will the vendors always offer me the option of local currency ?

You can always pay in ARS in Argentina, but most places do also accept USD and a few more, Brazilian, Uruguayan or Euro bank notes.

Usually prices in USD match or beat ARS prices, as most people prefer to save money in USD.

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Therefore is it better to transfer EUR or GBP in USD? Will Revolut will have ARS at one point?

When paying the bill at a restaurant for example, and they show you the card reader with the bill in Argentine pesos, will the Revolut card work? It will only have USD on it, as pesos not currently offered.

OR do you have to ask the restaurant to process the bill in USD for the card reader?

Always pay in the countries currency, Revolut will handle any conversion if needed.

Thanks for your response.

I thought i’d have to first convert my GBP to ARS or USD in oder to use the Revolut card in Argentina. But I can leave my GBP and Revolut will do the conversion for me when paying on my Revolut card in shops and restaurants?

Yes, however for currencies with account available in Revolut it’s generally better to convert during the week, if you spend on the weekend due to the markup on the weekend ( -> “The Standard Exchange Rates”)

One thing worth noting in terms of cash withdrawal from the ATMs.
Your Revolut account will be charged the respective amount you’d like to withdraw PLUS ATM fee the moment you see the message about the ATM fee!!!. If you decide cancel (because the fee is too high or for whatever reason) the money will be returned to your account after some period of time. In my case I cancelled once and it has been returned after ~1day, but immediate charge before the actual withdrawal was done every time I used ATM (I’ve been in Argentina ~2 weeks ago).

I just came back from Argentina the day before yesterday. I have to warn you: do not count on your REVOLUT there.

  1. Many shops and food places and even hotels and hostels only take cash
  2. ATMs charge you min. 5USD for withdrawals
  3. Specifically the Revolut Card as it is a Debit Card leads to problems with all “la Pose” terminals, which is 95% of the stores in Buenos Aires and therefore it is almost not usable.

As old fashioned as it seems: If I would go again I would take 500 USD (or €, however USDs get better rates) and exchange them on site. And a traditional Mastercard also works quite often, but not for things less than 5€ normally.
Still, great country. Enjoy!

I’m in Uruguay and haven’t tried my revolut to withdraw cash yet but used in shops fine. Although many times they have to swipe the card as the machines sometimes don’t read the chip. Maybe out of date tech? Now my Weswap card used for atm withdrawals - no amount is charged until the end not when you see the message about the ATM fee. (100 pesos in Redbrou). I would have imagined both Revolut and Weswap operate in the same manner. Maybe just Argentina? I have cancelled a few atm withdrawals after seeing these messages and not charges luckily.