Travelling insurance de/reactivating

Hi dear Revoluters, Do you have experience with Revolute insurance? I have a Premium account. The video shows that when I arrive at a foreign country the insurance will be activated automatically. But I will stay more than 40 days in Asia - and first I would like to use a different insurance and I would like to use Revolute insurance in my last 40 days. Do you know, if it is possible? So can I deactivate my Revolut insurance on arrival and can I reactivate my Revolut insurance 1,5 month later in order to be covered on my last 40 days? If yes, how can I do it? Best, Judit

Legally it’s not possible.

You have the right of 40 days per trip and any insurance has to be made before leaving the home country. You can’t cumulate two insurances.

The question is- if it is possible to turn on this insurance being abroad. I don’t know.
BTW he/she is writing about situation:
|X days with any other insurance then this insurance expires| 40 days with Revolut insurance|
This insurances don’t work at the same time.