Travelling in South America, card did not arrive on time


Hi all,

I am currently travelling in South America and unfortunately lost my Revolut card last week so ordered another to be delivered to my hostel in El Calafate in Argentina. I was told by a support agent that it would arrive in 4 days max., however it did not arrive on time. FedEx contacted the hostel to tell them it had arrived in Argentina but would take one week to arrive at the hostel, by which stage I will be in Santiago, Chile. I have tried to contact Revolut but the chat function is either turned off or the live agent responds an hour later when I have lost wifi connectivity. I cant write a message to be read later as every time I do I get a little red (!) symbol.

What else can be done? How can I get in touch with FedEx to arrange to have the card delivered to me if I have no information on the package (tracking number etc.)?

Any assistance would be much appreciated.



Hello Kate,

I can send you a direct message so we can get in touch.


Andreas K.


Thanks Andreas, DM sent.


Hi there,

I feel I’m about to experience the exact same problem as FedEx are estimating delivery 4 days later than Revolut guaranteed for my replacement card to arrive to my hostel in Mendoza, Argentina.

The chat support is too slow and I will have moved from Argentina into Bolivia by the date FedEx are estimating.

Can you confirm what happened when they contacted you?

Thanks Toby


Hi @Tobs811,

please contact @AndreasK with a PM so he can help you with that. I think it should be possible for the :r: team to redirect the shipping of your card. Please let us know how it sorts out for you.



Hi there,

@C0ldwater how do I private message @AndreasK?

Thanks Toby


I have sent you a direct message


Unfortunately, it’s not possible for Revolut team to redirect the shipping once the card has been sent out. However, we provide the tracking number of the order and by contacting Fedex you could redirect it.


Where is the option on the FedEx tracking page to redirect delivery?


Incredibly unhappy that I have to deal with Revolt’s error. Can I request a refund?



So I have been in touch with FedEx and it is not possible to redirect a package already in transit. The options were to have it returned to sender or destroyed. One other option would be to speak to your hostel in Mendoza and see if they can sign for it when it arrives and send it on to somewhere you know you’ll be in a few weeks but South American postal systems are unreliable at the best of times so may be risky.

Chat support function in the app is the most frustrating thing ever, they say you can write a message and someone will respond when support lines open but the message never sends. Speak to Andreas about getting a refund and get another card shipped somewhere you’ll be in two weeks time.