Travelling in Colombia


Hi there,

I am travelling in Colombia and I would like to share my experience and ask for recommendations while travelling in Colombia.

  1. My base currency is DKK.
  2. I withdraw money 3 times as they charge 4% when you use cash here.
  3. I took money from
  • Banko Colombia (max 400,000 COP and they charge 14,000 COP
  • BBVA (max 300,000 COP, once I was not charged fee for withdrawal but the second time I was charged about 2USD, don’t know how it really works).

Have you tried any other banks here?

My another question is, do you think I should keep all the money in my base currency which is DKK and let it be exchanged to COP (the exchange rates varies a lot) or change to completely other currency for instance USD and let be exchanged from it.

  1. I couldnt add my virtual card nor physical card to uber but you can pay in cash to drivers. It is way better than taking taxis here that are 2x more expensive.

Hope you will find this topic helpful!


About charge: it looks like typical DCC related topic. You should’ve always deny DCC offer.

Which currency use? Your domestic. Why? Because it’s only one conversion, so it is cheaper.


Thanks for reply Redi, I avoid DCC as hell. Some atms do not ask you about it though.


I haven’t seen such ATM but I’ve read here that skipping can be hard because in some ATM’s is a little bit hidden… You can read about it i.e. here: 5% ATM Fees in the First withdrawing within my country !


Hey, little bump on this old thread.

I’ve been traveling for the last 2-3 months in Colombia and I found that all Davivienda ATM’s don’t charge any fees if you withdraw from your “checking account”. Also there is no fees when you pay at any store, sometimes you get asked if you want to be charged in GBP or COP, always select COP.