Traveling while US Baning

Before I start messing with my bank’s account I’d like to make sure I can safely transfer money from my account to Revolut account. This create several questions: is Revolut accepted in US, by US banking system, is there a local US Revolut entity of some sort so I can transfer money from my local US bank? If so can I then spend it internationally free of charges? These are valid questions since American banks tend to make sure they wouldn’t miss any fees they are “due” so the system can be set against enterprises like Revolut. Any experience in this field?

Hey there @Bluedog :slight_smile:

I’d recommend reading the FAQs:

Sure, nearly everywhere in the world :smile: (but again, check the FAQs)

I believe not yet but I’m not sure. Check from the app (Top-up->Bank account->USD)

Sure! :blush:
Just keep in mind the Fair Usage terms.

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