Traveling to USA

Good morning community,

I am from Portugal, a country included in SEPA and I am traveling to USA for a few months and I will need to pay some bills via bank transfer to USA bank account while there. I plan to use the revolut account but could help me clarify some issues.

  1. Should I top up all the money I plan to use while in Portugal? (In euros)
  2. While there, is it free to transfer the money in USD for the US bank accounts? If don’t how much I will need to pay? Imagine for example that the rent is 1400 USD.
  3. When using the revolut card to pay for example for groceries in the US, will I pay any fee?

Thank you in advance!

Hey there!

  1. You can top up any amount you wish that you’ll think you’ll use all at once! Or top up as you go.
  2. USD will go via SWIFT, so there may be fees applied by the sending bank, the intermediary banks and the receiving bank. Please check this.
  3. There are no fees for card transactions! The monthly fee FX limit is 5000GBP, then there is a 0.5% fee.