Traveling to Norway


I live in Portugal and going to Norway, so I’m planning in using Revolut card. However I have some questions:

  • Do I need to convert my NOK in euros before an ATM withdraw or card payment in a local shop?

  • If not, it’s best to leave all in EUR or convert it all to NOK? If I have EUR and NOK, does it takes from the NOK balance first ?

  • I top-up 10€ to test and withdraw it yesterday in a Portuguese ATM. It was 31 May and today it’s 1 June and it shows my withdraw limit 10/200€. Why? Why didn’t it reseted ?

No, see more here:

Yes if you have enough NOK then that balance will be used. This is explained in the previous link i posted.

The limit is a rolling month from the date you signed up. So if you signed up the 16th of January, then the limit will reset every month on the 16th.


Is it really a rolling month? I realise that’s what the Ts&Cs say, but I suspect (and hope) it’s really a sequence of fixed offset months.

Yes it’s a rolling month as per T’s and C’s

thanks for the replies. How can I find the signed date ?

Your first transaction date in the app will give you a strong indication. It you need it exact you could ask Support. Otherwise just keep your eye on the app limit and see when it resets.

thanks, I really thought it was fixed months :confused:

So, no need to convert EUR to NOK before withdraw or payment, it uses the current NOK-EUR conversion rate as the conversion feature in the app? Thanks again

Also bear in mind that you will get a poorer conversation rate from EUR to NOK at weekends when markets are closed. You can avoid this by converting EUR to NOK within the app during the week and using that to cover purchases over the weekend.

OK, but if it really is a rolling month, that won’t matter, because the limit won’t reset that day. Instead, the cumulative amount will each day reduce by the amount withdrawn 1 month + 1 day ago, and have today’s withdrawals added to it.

That’s not how it works.
Each monthly anniversary it resets to zero
(If you can have a monthly anniversary :smile:)

OK - so it isn’t a rolling month, but an allowance per subscription month. That was what I was asking a few messages up!

Yes sorry you are correct.
Its a monthly reset, effective on the same day each month, comencing one month from the day you signed up.

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I was in holiday in Norway in february.
No problem with my Revolut card, I’m french and I didn’t convert my account in NOK (i only had euros).
No fees, it was very pleasant !
And I withdrawed 200 NOK in a little town, without fees.

Have a nice trip!


BTW enjoy Norway :persevere:

You need a mortgage to buy a beer and drive too fast and they put you in jail.

Apart from that it’s great👍


A wonderful country !!!

For alcohol, you can add that it’s not easy to find beer…
Alcohol is not sale in most of shops …

You’re not really selling it to me :worried:


I have another small question regarding Norway. I will go this summer again to Norway for work, and I will rent an appartement for my stay. To do so I need to transfer some money to the landlord obviously. Last year I used my French account in BNP and ended paying like 20€ fees and the receivers also paid 20€.

I would like to know how it would work using revolut:

  • is there fee if I tranfer to a norwegian account (in NOK) from my revolut (in EUR)
  • if yes, if I change in revolut to the EUR account to the NOK account then make the transfer ?

I see some contradictory information on revolut website…
Like uk to france using revolut is free:
Then here it says there is fee:épenser-et-envoyer-de-l’argent/envoyer-de-l’argent-sur-un-compte-bancaire/serai-je-facturé-pour-le-transfert-d’argent

(Sorry for french link)

Thanks for your help!

No you dont have to convert in euros you can use ATM directly