Traveling to Japan

Hi there, I am a new user of Revolut and I am quite of a noob using multi currency banking account. The main reason why I started Revolut is because I will travel to Japan soon and I would like to hear from the community which are the best ways to be able to withdraw money yen in Japan at the best rates. Could anyone help me out with that?

Hi there, you might want to search this forum. I remember a couple of other threads that discuss this already :wink: some of them quite recent.

I short: look for Seven Eleven or Post ATMs. And consider to exchange into Yen within the app during the week to avoid the weekend markup.

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Thanks Frank, I found the same advices searching in this forum. However, I am not clear about how converting pound to yen within the app. Also, is there any limit of cash I can withdraw at once in Japan? Or any monthly limit of cash that I can withdraw with Revolut? Thank you in advance

Hi there. You don’t have to convert into Yen. It works on the fly. You could, though, to avoid weekend markups. Tap exchange from the transactions screen. For the limits, you can find them in the Help Center. As far as I remember, there is a daily limit for ATM withdrawals of 5000 GBP or equivalent.

Thank you very much Frank, you have been very helpful! I will check the Help Centre about the limit of withdrawal just to make sure.

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