Traveling in Serbia

I have spend some time in Belgrade. Awesome city! :star_struck:
The Revolut works very good without issues. I have used it all the time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello! Did you also withdraw cash from ATMs? I’m going to Belgrade next week and I wonder if the exchange will be done from my currency to EUR then to RSD or directly my currency-RSD. Thanks! :slight_smile:

No, I didn’t. I was using only terminals.

Was just in Belgrade last weekend and got some cash. Was converted straight from my base currency (CHF) to Dinars.

Hey, what was the exchange rate - good? Also, did you have the insurance? Is it valid in Serbia?

About the exchange rate, I don’t remember. I had made insurance by myself before I went.

Rate was around 104 Dinars for 1 Swiss Franc.
With Swiss Cards, you unfortunately don‘t get insurance…

Hey guys, quick question … If I want to buy something and pay with a card, and I have some dinars on my account… could I pay with my card ?

hmm, I dont see why not?