Traveling in Colombia December 2018

I use the this thread for comment my experience in Colombia. My wife and I, use Revolut cards here.

Iin supermarkets and shop. sometimes they apply DCC and others don’t apply it. When DCC is applied the exchange is worse than local currency. This one matched with Mastercard.

To avoid DCC is a lottery here. The seller sometimes surprise for the card reader request about use DCC or local currency. In others the reader don’t ask nothing and applied DCC or not.

Other merchants directly refuse International credit/debit cards if you buy online local products or services.

ATM: Davivienda don’t ask you nothing and don’t notify you they are applying DCC, However when you check the withdrawal, you can check that are applying DCC.

BBVA don’t apply DCC. The withdrawal charge the Mastercard exchange conversion rate.
Bancolombia apply $15.000 pesos for withdrawal.

I will continue writing with news.


if it’s about ATM’s please write your Informations also in the thread mentioned below ,so we’re able to have an growing list :smiley:: The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country/as of Nov 2018)

@elmarconi updates it from time to time


@Kastello, thank you for remind me. I just did it.

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