Traveling in Colombia Dec 22 - Jan 23

My experience (our, my wife and me), was great. With no issue in Colombia.

Revolut apply official exchange charge (+1% in weekend) as expected.


When we arrived to Colombia, we have no cash and other cards charge to us the official bank rates at no euro zone. We don’t think that Revolut work because we are in a foreign country, and we had no roaming and no local data connection. Surprise!!, We were able to pay with Revolut via NFC mobile device. I don’t know how this work, but was great.

Revolut was our cards in all days we were there. My wife has never tried NFC and feel more secure with physical card, but I don’t use the physical card in whole travel. All paid with my device. It is true that we need cash, but we had from previous trip and didn’t need to try cash withdrawal this time.

Unlike last time some years ago, All TPV accept contactless payment (except 1), probably for tpv and the bank that use this shop. They offer to pay for other one, with no issues.

In previous travel, TPV asked py on local or foreign card. Never ask this time and always apply as local currency, Revolut aply to us the official exchange rates.

All foreign card in Colombia work as credit card altough really these aren’t.

Here my experience.


Hello @valtf :wave:

Thank you for sharing this with us. We are glad to hear that your experience with Revolut has been great till now :smiling_face: