Traveling - first time user

I havent used Revolut before and have ordered a card mainly for traveling within the EU

My account is currently topped up in £ should I transfer these to euros or is it just as efficient/possible to leave it as £

Any advice welcome for first time user traveling

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You can leave in £ ,but if you want to secure the rate you can exchange for euros.
On weekends there is slight markup on rate.
Spot rate is monday to friday.
If you know that you will be using card over weekend then better to exchange earlier.
Better deal for money.
Gods speed :wink:


You can do either. Watch the euro rate and buy when you think it is good. If you leave it in GBP you will get the rate on the day. I have a stack of 4 currencies at the moment for future travel. Buy high, convert back excess when it’s low😃


It’s always a good idea to study the FAQs. They contain all kinds of useful informations about certain situations you might run into on your trip, concerning ATMs, public transport, rental cars, restaurant bills, what to do when the card is stolen or lost, the location based security options … including details about how spending in foreign currencies works :wink:


I’m so proud of our community! Thank you guys for helping out :slight_smile: