Travelex ATM in France or ATM in England ?


I will travel by Eurotunnel to England. Is it worth taking pounds at the ATM from the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais with my Revolut Card or taking pounds in an ATM in England?

Thank you

Be careful with Travelex ATMs. They often insist on doing the conversion themselves, at a worse rate than Revolut. If you are within the fee free Revolut ATM allowance I would get GBP from an English ATM. Try a mainstream bank ATM, which should be free. The small corner shop ATMs (private) often have a charge.

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Hi Doppjunat, thank you

@cjerome You can use this link: to find the closest supporting ATMs. Under the search filters there is an option that only shows you ATM terminals with no fees! Also make sure that you refuse the conversion when asked, as @Doppjunat is right that they will give you their much worse rate.

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Ok, thank you Larysa

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