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Hi all,

I shall be travelling to Maldives, Singapore and Japan in the next 4 weeks and am highly interested in using the Revolut card for my travels.

I would like to confirm, if I can do these things please.

  1. Purchasing stuff at supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants using the Revolut card. Are there any fees on this?

  2. Having a wallet with multiple currencies such as, 100 Euro, 2000 Yen, 500 Singapore Dollars in my account

  3. Should point 2 be possible, when withdrawing from an ATM, will it withdraw the “local” currency? For example, should I have 100 Euro and 2000 Yen in my account, when in Japan, will it automatically withdraw 2000 Yen?

  4. If I get the free account, are there any restrictions with points 1 and 2? I know that with point 3 there is a limit of 200 Euro per month for the free account.

  5. Until the limit is not reached from withdrawing from ATM’s, there are no fees right?

  6. When purchasing / paying with the card at supermarkets, restaurants with the card, there are no fees right?

  7. Does anyone have experience with the Revolut account with any of the places I mentioned (Maldives, Singapore, Japan), and any tips with using this account?

Thanks a lot and looking forward to the feedback received from everyone!

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Hey @kfalzon :slight_smile:

Every single question you asked here is answered specifically in the FAQs:

However… :wink:

Anywhere prepaid Visa/Mastercard is accepted.

There are two fees to consider:

  • 0.5% FX conversion fee after 6.000€
  • 0.5%/1.0%/1.5% fee on conversion for illiquid currencies or during weekends

There are no other fees or limits imposed by :R: on purchases. There’s an additional limit, as you pointed out, on ATM withdrawals. You can check them here:

The order will be as follows:

  • Local currency
  • Home balance
  • Other random balance

Please be sure to refuse any conversion offered by the POS/ATM, as you’d be letting the bank/merchant decide the exchange rate and you’d be charged a different amount over which :r: has no control about. Always choose to be charged in the local currency when asked.

Again, FAQs and Terms :wink:

Worked fine in Japan. Without any special remark :wink:


Hey @Juliopp,

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

I have upgraded my account yesterday to a Premium account and am eager to use it in Singapore and Japan.

I have some further questions to ask, just to make sure I have understood correctly.

  1. Did not quite understand this: 0.5%/1.0%/1.5% fee on conversion for illiquid currencies or during weekends. Is it best to convert to SGD or YEN during weekdays instead of weekends? What does this mean exactly? Is there any difference converting weekends / week days?

  2. By rolling month (as it says on the FAQ, when joining before the 16th etc), does it mean since I upgraded on the 18th, my withdrawal limit starts from the 1st of the month?

  3. Just to confirm, if I withdraw 200 Eur, any further transactions, say I withdraw another 200 Eur, I will be charged 2% of the withdrawal amount… i.e. 4 euro, right?

Thanks a lot

In Maldives they charge in nearly all cases in USD. You can tell them you want to pay in USD - rufiyah I hardly had to use especially if you go to a holiday island… ATM on the airport asking to charge for cash withdrawal - I finally avoided…

Premium is double. So, with Premium Revolut will charge you after 400 Euros withdraw from the atm

Hi. I grew up in japan and traveling frequently here (now in japan)

Revolut works well **everywhere they accept MasterCard **

The problem in japan is the acceptance of MC or Visa in shops. Usually is limited to IC/Suica.

You can withdraw without any fee from ATMs which accepts international cards. Like 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, etc. but especially 7-11. Japan post too I think.

Banks usually have a bad habit to issue strictly their network so they won’t accept other cards (just Japanese debit of other banks). While withdrawing from my Chiba Bank card I tried the Revolut and is not even entering in the machine :))

In other Asian countries (especially south east Asia) most banks charge a quite high fee for foreign cards. This is not Revolut fault but local regulations. I’m traveling in SE Asia now and hate this.

Ps. While in japan I keep most of my funds in JPY. I was charged in Yen all times except once in Shinjuku when I saw it was in USD so it passed the JPY to USD conversion. The funny thing is that after the exchange the amount in JPY taken from the account was smaller than the amount which the shop advertised/ asked for. But they charged in usd at their bad math :laughing:

hello, just to note, i’ve created a blog about various travel tips, check out the cards and cash management articles.


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I am sorry but I do not see where to start a new thread so hope to find somebody kind… Where may I check the fees conected with transfers please? I would like to transfer money via Revolut from British bank account to Czech bank account. (Well, I like Revolut, I think about leaving some money there too.) But the question is how much money it will cost? Do I need to downoad Revolut app first to find out? May I type in my amount to be transferred somewhere to get the final cost? Thanks a lot and sorry for such a basic question… Jana