Travel insurance



I would like to propose that revolut also offer a travel insurance to revolut users. Since the revolut users are frequent travelers in most cases an annual or per trip based insurance would be a very useful addition to the product portfolio.



Hello @jharikumaran :slight_smile:

I completely agree with your idea!
The medical insurance is not bad, but the excess is quite high, rendering it not completely useless but… Not so advantageous in the EU, considering the maximum length of the trip covered is 21 days.
Adding travel insurance to, for example, :r: Premium, would be fantastic :wink:


Addition: at least in Spain, PayPal is even offering a completely FREE

Small travel insurance with no excess for everyone for FREE, no requirements except being a free user

Return shipping cost reimbursement for FREE

Which makes me think it’s not that extremely expensive, as there are absolutely no requirements (just pay for the trip or returned item with PayPal, no minimum usage, no fee, no excess, no minimum purchases…)
@Revolut… Is this something you might consider?