Travel insurance with Revolut ✈


Some customers have recently expressed interest in getting travel insurance through Revolut.
We’d like to hear how you usually go about insuring yourself before your travels and whether you’d find it convenient to use Revolut for this?

P.s. If you want to be part of a focus group, let us know :r:

Last minute insurance
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Use comparison website; is it likely Revolut can better this? Always go for annual worldwide cover.


could be a way to take out the hassle of sifting through comparison websites

is there an insurer you are usually loyal to or do you just go for cheapest option on comparison websites?


Check every year several sites for equal cover against price. Usually end up with same Company, Saga, due to my age.


I normally use Very decent rates for annual worldwide cover. Not keen on wasting time shopping around to save £5 or so

#7 looks nice and straightforward; as you say… much better than spending lots of time on price comparisons websites like I have done in the past.

If revolut could offer similar rates and a really easy+quick purchase flow would it be of interest to you? One benefit would be that you wouldn’t have to fill in manually most of the fields that coverwise asks for.


No harm in Revolut offering quick and simple travel insurance through the app. People still travel without it, specially younger people so this may encourage more people to protect themselves. I go for the cheapest insurance with an excess no more than £50


Yes, I will be interested in the worldwide cover through Revolut. There should be some flexibility to pick and choose what I want to get cover against as is currently the case with coverwise.


I think it would only fit with the Revolut brand if it was really good value, or offered a unique benefit - travel insurance has become really cheap these days


I get tailored travel insurance from a travel insurance company and hate paying for it in so many other forms that I never use. It comes with my current account, with my credit card etc. All useless to me.


That’s how it’s being usually done in Prague:

  • In all banks we can buy travel insurance (lost/late luggage, late flights, unplanned overnight stays at airport hotels) with medical expenses (up to 5 mil. CZK), in connection to our debit/credit card. Its is done through an agreement of particular bank and some insurance company, that the bank have chosen as a partner. The insurance policy number is identical to all customers of this bank. We pay for it usually about 900-1000 CZK/year. And it’s valid whenever we travel. It extends automatically once a year, when the payment is taken from the account. In some banks it is monthly 70-90 CZK/month, extends the insurance every month.
  • Mobile operatore option: activates your travel insurance every time you start roaming, ends when you come back. Pay by the day. Insured only on the days when your sim card was roaming. Is furnished through operator agreement with partner insurance company.


i am insuring with saman .
for example last monh i was in georgia and i used it.


The idea is great ! If the rates are nice and you can choose from some options like luggage cover etc. I guess I would def use it.


@AndreasK How do you define Travel Insurance? My Mastercard Gold has “travel insurance” which means if I buy a flight ticket or a train ticket or whatever and fall sick and cannot travel, I will be reimbursed for missing my travel plan.

If you mean “Travel insurance” as in “Travel Medical Insurance” the answer will differ country to country. Revolut Premium is good for that though :wink:

Any chance that the first definition I gave will make it onto Revolut Premium as well? Perhaps it’s more of a Revolut Platinum option for the future. Would love to cut down on the amount of cards in my wallet!


Does the Insurance cover you if you pay the holiday with the card or will it cover anyway?

And if the holiday is paid with revolut does family members have the same insurance?


This is definitely a must have for myself if I am trying to use revolut as my primary bank. Personally, I use my current bank’s credit card for all booking expenses which grants me automatic travel insurance. Something similar using Revolut (possibly premium?) would be awesome.


Yup Saga is great… best customer service ever…


Allianz and AXA will be good as well.

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