Travel Insurance warning

Bought Travel Insurance for visit to US a couple of weeks ago. I am afraid I cannot recommend as it resulted in my having no insurance for two days because apparently the wifi signal I was working with was insufficiently strong for Resolut to activate the insurance, i.e. the cover only activates once they have tracked you mobile signal as being abroad. I noticed no problem with the wifi signal at the time. I turned off roaming and used free wifi access points and bought a US sim after a couple of days.
I dread to think of what might have happened had I fallen ill during those two days. Just a word of warning if you are considering this cover.
I made an official complaint but response was simply that I did not have a sufficiently strong wifi signal to be located as being abroad. Not sure how I am supposed to be able to detect whether my wifi signal is strong enough for their purposes.
Personally I would not be comfortable using Resolut for travel insurance cover again.

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No, never got a notification. Only noticed when I saw daily premium deduction started after third day of trip.

That’s the very reason I have marked this as a warning to future subscribers to the insurance cover. Personally, I think there should be an option to manually input the dates you wish to be covered for.

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Can as Revlout admin or someone point me to where this is mentioned in the t’s & c’s??

Am I supposed to get a message from the Revolut app when abroad that I am covered overseas?? I travel a lot and never received any sort of message.