Travel insurance service via Revolut app

I have been studying the travel insurance service and I believe the fact that you can enable it and pay per day of travel (which is detected automatically) it is quite interesting.

There is one note though in the ToS that is confusing.

This Standard Travel Insurance Policy requires an initial sign up period of no less than 4 (four) months without the option of cancellation

What does it mean? I have to signup to this service with at least 4 months before I travel?
If so, I guess no payments if no traveling right?
And if I travel sooner than 4 months, will I be unable to make the claim while daily payments are made?

It means you have to have the insurance for a minimum period of 4 months before you can cancel it.

Hello, this is a minimum period of engagement, not a prior notice :slight_smile: So for me there is no need to sign for it 4 months before your travel.