Travel insurance Revolut Premium vs N26 Black


I’m going on a longer vacation in December and January and was looking at the travel insurances provided by Revolut and the one from N26. This is some honest feedback in case anyone cares :slight_smile:

I really like that Revolut Premium covers not only personal travel, but also business travel as there is no restrictions as to what sort of travel it is covering, whereas N26 Black specifically restricts this to personal travel.

What is an issue for me though is the restriction as to the length of the trip that is covered as the policy restricts this to “no trip lasting longer than 20 days”, whereas N26 Black covers up to 90 days and if the trip is longer it covers the 90 days anyways… this seems contrary to Revolut Premium which seems to not cover anything if the trip lasts >=21 days.

As an added benefit the N26 Black covers flight delay and luggage delay as well, although that is just a minor plus point.

To be fair given my comparison and what is offered I would probably go for the Revolut Premium considering my usual travel pattern, but in this case I’ll have to take the N26 Black due to the longer coverage that it offers.

I’ll look at the situation again in October to make a final decision and then reevaluate after the 12 month contract period is over.


I know this topic is a little bit older but maybe you are still using it :smiley: . Revolut just released a new update
"This week brings exciting news from Revolut HQ, announcing the new and improved Travel Insurance for our Premium Users. Premium Users will receive coverage for Delayed Baggage and Delayed Flights after as little as 4 hours, with all expenses paid directly into your Revolut account. "