Travel Insurance Hospitalisation


Dear community,

I was thinking about taking the Medical insurance for traveling to Canada and USA.
However, one downside I see it’s that in case I need to go to the hospital or to the doctor and it costs
thousands of dollars the hospital/consultantion/ or drug, I won’t have the means to pay it and ask for a reimbursement later.

Do you have any feedback on this service or another provider?

Thank you


Hey! Most insurances work like that unfortunately. However, even if you don’t have money, I’m pretty sure they will treat you and you can pay later, at least that’s what happens in any developed country. I’ve been to Canada with no medical insurance twice in the past. Wouldn’t risk going to the US without a really good insurance, I know a guy who broke his ankle and had a 7.000€ bill at the hospital. Nothing is free in the USA.


That’s what I say! Canada has a good health insurance/care system. The US is a shark tank! However, my german health insurance card has a telephone number on it that can be reached 24/7. I would have the insurance from :r: but I am happy not to rely on it. The guys behind the telephone number on the german card will take care of the financial things (if I cannot afford it).


Yep, Canada has a great health care system, I doubt they would refuse not to treat me. However, I heard horror stories about hospitals refusing to treat people with no money or insurance in the US, not sure if it’s legitimate though.

When I did my roadtrip in the Balkans I had an insurance that came with an app that had a SOS button. Anything I could just press that button, they would call me and pay my medical expenses. It was not expensive and it also covered my rental car.