Travel Insurance for people who are permanently on the go.

This is not just about “make sure you read the small print” - as we all know, we never think of what kind of unpleasant incidents may happen to you while travelling, until it happens.

So, I’ve exchanged an 8 euro a month travel insurance I had with my bank back “home” to Revolut Metal, because I could pay 13 euro/month (now raised to 16/month) and have car insurance excess covered (I always pay for full coverage when I rent a car, especially to protect me against dishonest businesses in several countries).

I’ve only actually needed the travel insurance product on this one time when I flew to Ireland: had a train ticket bought for less than 20 euro from Dublin to Cork. The Ryanair flight got delayed by 4 hs, missed my (cheap) train, and had to buy a much more expensive last minute train ticket for 40 euro. Claimed with the Revolut travel insurance provider, and they didn’t pay me the 40 euro, for the obvious reason of “it wasn’t covered”.

Two questions:

1 - Do you have a Revolut paid plan with travel insurance? And have you been let down because you’ve claimed something and “it wasn’t covered”? What was it?

2 - For people who are permanently on the go (for whatever reason, not only digital nomads - maybe you’re crew on a ship, etc), what do you recommend? From my understanding, Revolut travel insurance is for “single trips”, not for permanent travel. Do you use anything else instead?

I’ve been reading articles from digital nomads, but none of the products offered sounded attractive to my situation.


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This is very common. Insurers decide between long-term insurance (when you’ve got a work visa for a 6 months internship for example or for digital nomads) and travel/tourist tariffs. Travel health insurance tariffs are often aligned with tourist visa regulations (90 days) and are often quite cheap.

There are plenty of health insurance tariffs available for long-term trips.

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Question: “Do you use anything else instead?”

Not answered. Anyway, thanks for the input.