Travel - Angola

I am going for a business trip to Angola (Luanda), Can I use my Revolut card there? Please, share your experiences. Thanks

There is no AOA on “excluded” list, so everything should be fine.

I would do some research before going. Maybe cards there is super exotic thing and everyone prefers cash.

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As Angola is not really a classic destination I would read those things instead:

p.s. I just remembered I watched some youtube videos where russian independent travelers visited almost whole Africa with their car(s) and they said that in many African countries official local currency fx rates (to usd) were poor and sometimes even very poor. So for example if you will be paying for hotel with your card you will be charged official rate and end up paying way more than you could get by changing money (usd) in black market in particular country and paying in cash. At least thats what they did in few cases. Of course doing this might have other risks - you could get scammed/get fake money etc.
They also visited Angola. I can’t remember details about money/etc, only I can remember that they said that they really liked Angola !