Transparent cards


Why will Revolut not give their cards a new blue/transparant colour.

For the Basic card (Visa/Maestro) it would be great to see the Blue Revolut colour on it and with a transparent look you will recognize the card.

And of course Revolut purple cards are since the beginning of :r: so maybe its time to innovate this card with a whole new design



This would be to much a copy of N26 in my mind.



So agreed with you @Kastello . We have to be very “distinct” here and yet very “inclusive”. Our designs are very popular and there is no need copy others. Infact, personally I dont prefer transparant, it doesnt look good

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Whatever they do they can’t copy N26 as much as this card does :smiley: But I love it.
(Bank logo hidden too to avoid incidental advertising)

The biggest difference is the golden MasterCard hologram. N26 is silver. Funny given the fact that N26 is a Debit card and this one is only a Prepaid :sweat_smile:



A transparant card does not need to be a copy of N26

Revolut could give it a design to recognize the card.

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Seeing how cheap the Transparent Card of N26 looks, i don’t think it’s a good idea



I have used this service “Mistertango” and they aren’t sure of what they are doing in the industry. Their product and marketing policies is not consistent and recently they have completely overhauled their pricing structure not once but twice. It’s no way near to us @Revolut

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Their only added value is that they are crypto friendly and one of the very few to support crypto companies (I mean SMEs without a huge legal dept)
They’re also running a linked exchange

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Revolut is crypto-freindly as well. There is no comparison. With them you have to pay monthly fee of 5 EUR. I mean its pretty obvious, isnt it?



There’s no comparison between :r: and MT’s crypto friendliness lol. Revolut likes to pretend to be friendly so they can take 1% in fees to let you get crippled crypto exposure, that’s basically it.

5 EUR is for personal users only, crypto businesses must pay 100 eur a month and 1 eur per transaction. But well they’re the only ones who will even bank crypto businesses, and I can tell you it’s still profitable lol.



So that’s good enough. You basically agree now that both are completely different business models and MT is a small fish currently and therefore needs to copy others (also for theri card design). Not Revolut!



Yes their targets are completely different and MT is tiny compared to :r: but that doesn’t make it any more or less OK to copy other banks’ card designs.

I think both standard and Metal cards from :r: look superb already and don’t need more change but if they wanted to they could make unique transparent cards that would stand out (unlike MT’s card).



Transparent? Looks ugly as hell from what I saw on google.

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