Translation error in Dutch app

There is a translation error in the Dutch version of the app. I reported that long ago via ‘report a bug’, with screen shots and everything. But it never got corrected.
Then, today I received a survey from Revolut. One question: what I thought of the quality of the Dutch translation…. Well, it’s mostly fine but it would be really great in the error I reported could be fixed :slight_smile:

I will report it here once more:
In the transaction overview, select any card payment. You will then have an option ‘receipt’ where you can upload the invoice of the transaction.
The Dutch translation currently reads ‘ontvangst’, but that translation is incorrect. ‘Ontvangst’ can sometimes be ‘receipt’ but only when it means to receive, to get. But not when ‘receipt’ means invoice, a piece of paper out of a cash register.
Then it should be ‘kassabon’ in Dutch.


@Rowdy Hello, Welcome to the community. :wave:

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. We will pass it to our team so they can take a look at it :eyes:

Veda | Community team