TransferWise vs. Revolut: A Swiss perspective


actually I use both services. as revolut is not set up to receive CHF IBAN transfers atm, I use TW as a bridge between my swiss bank account and Revo.

I transfer CHF from swiss bank to chf account of TW for free. I send money and exchange it to EUR so I can fund my personel IBAN EUR Revo account for free. only charges is a small fee by TW. and very transparent!

I sent it in the morning and received it in the evening in my Revo account.

Because Revo has really good rates, if I has changed it back to CHF, I would have only lost the TW fee.

So really fast, cheap and nice feeling of both apps.

I just discovered TWs mastercard, maybe have a look at it but atm I prefer Revo

Ps: for comparison, other solution would be to send EUR from my swiss bank account for free (SEPA), but they have really bad exchange rates compared to TW or Revo. With EUR 100.- I loose about CHF 2-3.-


Or use the TW card to top-up your Revo CHF account directly without any fees:


yes I use the TW card to top-up now.

It works very fast and without transfer costs! like I have no costs to top-up TW, no costs to transfer it via TW card to Revo account through top-up function in Revo app (because its a GB registered card) and no exchange.

ps: I use this for CHF top-ups


Comparing their support.
I have sent on Sunday to both pooled CH IBANs an amount of money without using the reference number.

I have contact them via the online app and on Tuesday. I got their response 5 minutes later and the issue was fixed aproximately in 15 minutes… It is worth to mention that this happened during non-working hours.

There are three options to contact them:

  • Online chat: The service was down.
  • Phone call: I didnt try. There is no swiss number and for non-working hours the only options available are overseas.
  • Send them email via their platform. Sending option was stacking and when it finaly worked I got the response that they are going to be back to me via email in 2-4 busness days…

Not any new from them untill now (Thursday)… I dont want to believe that I have lost my money… but the support matters… and I dont think that Transferwise has… Given the fact that the app and the currencies are almost the same… (security options for Revolut looks better) I highly recommend Revolut and I highly do not recommend TransferWise…


An update regarding this just to be 100% fair… I got today (Thursday…) a reply via email from Transferwise support and a verification that the amount has already been returned to the sender on Wensday.