TransferWise vs. Revolut: A Swiss perspective


TransferWise: Lean app, but basically no statistical tools.
Revolut: Cool statistical tools and a lot of customization possibilities in the app.

TransferWise 6 - Revolut 3

TransferWise: No top-up limits, but very generous card limits of up to 10’000 GBP per month.
Revolut: Low initial top-up limits, onerous process to get them raised. Risk of blocked accounts.

TransferWise 7 - Revolut 3

TransferWise: Website with extended account functionality and backup access in case of app problems.
Revolut: No account functionalities on website. No backup in case of app or phone problems.

TransferWise 8 - Revolut 3



Shame that TransferWise doesn’t have a community where you can post your results.
To me it’s all down to personal preference. My experience with :r: does not equate to yours so scores would be more 50:50.
Both services have plus and minus and as long as they meet my needs I’m happy.



Exactly what @Powie said. You should choose your service depending on what you need. For me Revolut works perfectly, I travel from time to time but I rarely use any other currency besides EUR. I joined :r: mostly because of the app and all its features and to support a really innovative fintech. I do understand however, if someone in the UK who doesn’t travel that much prefers Monzo or Starling. To be honest I would love to try out Starling and maybe even Monese. TransferWise or N26 never really interested me.

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Interesting. Was it at a small merchant or a large one?
Did you get any clarification from the support team?

I had no issues in South Korea and paid with the card wherever it was accepted…



I’m not a power user of any of my bank accounts/apps and I travel a lot but most countries I go to use EUR. TransferWise never really caught my attention because I don’t like their app. I think Revolut is ahead of all the other ones when it comes to having a simple yet intuitive app that allows me to organize my budget and spending.

I mentioned Monese because they have phone support, something that Revolut should definitely consider. The waiting times are really scary right now.

I’ll be giving Starling a try when they launch in my country, they are about to launch in Ireland and they plan on expanding to rest of Europe after.



I would only bother with non-essential inquiries :wink:

Just write support everything relevant at once and if something isn’t essential, it’s totally fine if they respond with something days later.



For me, I recently moved from the UK to mainland EU for work and a friend who had done the same suggested Revolut to help manage money between two countries and two banks.

It looked great, the app was good and at least when i got into it, support was quick, detailed and straight to the point.

I do a lot of exchanging currencies from EU/SEK/GBP and using my traditional bank, they wanted to charge me a flat fee to transfer any foreign currency to or from them, no matter how much. Having Revolut basically not charge me a dime (if done during the week) is the ultimate best option for me.

I looked at the other “digital” banks after I had already invested into Revolut and noticed that they either specialised in UK services or UK people going on holiday abroad, or they charged me for transfers. So no reason to swap from Revolut.

I’ve personally never had any issues with the service, I’m not a power spender, I don’t get my salary sent to Revolut, I don’t transfer enough money to buy a house through Revolut either. I wouldn’t trust the service with that amount personally but that’s not a dig at Revolut, I wouldn’t do that with anything other than a traditional bank and even then I’d grimace at the cost they’d charge me to do so. Only because they have insurance, I don’t have a lot of “free money” I can afford to lose and in my mind, it’s a hell of a lot easier to chase them legally than a digital tech start up company.

I know and understand we need these big power users of Revolut that do all the above to help grow and prove the system and I’m so grateful for them, but in my life/situation, I can not afford to risk having complications with any amount of money, so I don’t and neither should anyone here that complains about Revolut “ruining their life” when issues arise. Always have a back up, always use funds you can afford to be delayed, until everything is perfect, sorted and smooth which it isn’t for any of the services today, even traditional banks have their bad days.

Revolut won’t steal your money, they won’t scam you, but sometimes they may require some more time to jump through hoops or to explain things, or even more info from you to clarify things. Let them and help them if you truly want to support them and see this industry change for the better :smiley: it won’t always feel like an uphill struggle.

  • Just my two cents, I’m not anti any other services, I just support the ones that work for me :smiley:


Good that you’re having a good experience, but I’ve been both stolen from and scammed by revolut. I had money being charged from my account, and the charge showing as being from online merchants when in fact was from revolut by mistake they say. Then I had also a situation with a ghost physical card that after all never even existed. No wonder I didn’t receive it…

Probably more incompetence than malice, but you better be vigilant. These kinds of issues really need to stop happening



At a risk of this being slightly off topic;
I’m sorry to hear that, were these issues resolved? I hope so, Were they explained and communicated properly? Was this early on in Revolut’s service or recently? Do you continue to use Revolut after this? If so, why?

All services may and probably do have issues similar to this, even traditional banks do, but we have a forum to voice the issues and concerns here making it more visible so it appears more unreliable or more common than traditional bank issues.

I really hope your issues were sorted out and apologised for where necessary, I wouldn’t like it either if what you described happened to me.



The money that was taken was fortunately refunded, but not without first revolut insisting I talked to the merchant who supposedly had made the charge and of course didn’t know anything about it. I also had to wait about 5 days from first identifying the problem and contacting revolut until I was refunded.

As for the card I never got any refund for the express delivery or explanation for what happened with them sending the card to the wrong address, however I’m willing to let it slide as it is an infinitely lower amount than the issue above

These issues both occurred last month, and I do still use Revolut as I’ve already invested a bit of money in cards and premium plan and I believe the issues don’t occur due to malice but rather incompetence, though I’ll bail if stuff like this happens again



Hey guys,
I’ve read somewhere that TW offers full debit card unlike Revolut, I’m owner of both cards but couldn’t see any difference between these 2 cards, I tryed to find an answer on this forum or internet but nothing clear to me… Please could someone explain me what it really means?
Thank you in advance



Usually a prepaid card like revolut’s is not accepted to warranty things, like when renting a car or pumping petrol.



Besides some legal differences about how they are related to bank accounts, the main practical difference is that Debit cards have a different service code configuration to allow offline verification. They cary a separate offline limit, often something around 100 bucks, that is basically a credit. When there is no online connection, a payment is “drawn” from that credit and then settled the next time the card goes online.

Technically, a card with the same “Debit” style service code configuration but an offline limit of “0” is possible. This card would behave like a prepaid online only card, but would have higher acceptance in cases where merchants decline prepaid cards out of principle. There is no real reason why a car rental should not accept a prepaid card when it carries sufficient funds to block a security deposit.



Hey @Frank,
Thanks for great explanation. So do we know if Revolut put this limit to “0” (like TW in fact, because it’s also not possible to take fuel at “offline” pump for ex.) or if it’s definitely not a real Debit card?
But anyway, the answer is not that important finally…Fingers crossed for some change about this restriction one day…




Unfortunately, no. I haven’t seen a post anywhere about the UCOL/LCOL configuration.

Also: when I checked my TW card a while ago, BIN databases reported “issued in Spain”. That changed to “United Kingdom” now. Makes more sense.



actually I use both services. as revolut is not set up to receive CHF IBAN transfers atm, I use TW as a bridge between my swiss bank account and Revo.

I transfer CHF from swiss bank to chf account of TW for free. I send money and exchange it to EUR so I can fund my personel IBAN EUR Revo account for free. only charges is a small fee by TW. and very transparent!

I sent it in the morning and received it in the evening in my Revo account.

Because Revo has really good rates, if I has changed it back to CHF, I would have only lost the TW fee.

So really fast, cheap and nice feeling of both apps.

I just discovered TWs mastercard, maybe have a look at it but atm I prefer Revo

Ps: for comparison, other solution would be to send EUR from my swiss bank account for free (SEPA), but they have really bad exchange rates compared to TW or Revo. With EUR 100.- I loose about CHF 2-3.-



Or use the TW card to top-up your Revo CHF account directly without any fees:

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yes I use the TW card to top-up now.

It works very fast and without transfer costs! like I have no costs to top-up TW, no costs to transfer it via TW card to Revo account through top-up function in Revo app (because its a GB registered card) and no exchange.

ps: I use this for CHF top-ups



Comparing their support.
I have sent on Sunday to both pooled CH IBANs an amount of money without using the reference number.

I have contact them via the online app and on Tuesday. I got their response 5 minutes later and the issue was fixed aproximately in 15 minutes… It is worth to mention that this happened during non-working hours.

There are three options to contact them:

  • Online chat: The service was down.
  • Phone call: I didnt try. There is no swiss number and for non-working hours the only options available are overseas.
  • Send them email via their platform. Sending option was stacking and when it finaly worked I got the response that they are going to be back to me via email in 2-4 busness days…

Not any new from them untill now (Thursday)… I dont want to believe that I have lost my money… but the support matters… and I dont think that Transferwise has… Given the fact that the app and the currencies are almost the same… (security options for Revolut looks better) I highly recommend Revolut and I highly do not recommend TransferWise…

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An update regarding this just to be 100% fair… I got today (Thursday…) a reply via email from Transferwise support and a verification that the amount has already been returned to the sender on Wensday.

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